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Testimonials from recent clients

"I had an image of realtors that made me dread buying a house. Then I was introduced to Nicole. Her knowledge of the area, listening skills, negotiating talent and sense of fun meant we did not find a house, we found a home! What made Nicole so special for us was that she took the time to understand our exact needs, learn from each viewing and help us find the perfect home. She was also a lot of fun!" - Rob Holloway

"We want to thank you for your hard work on making our property close. Working with you was a breath of fresh air in the craziness of the current real estate market. You were very on top of every detail and didn't let anything fall through the cracks. You also kept us updated every step of the way and did a fabulous job of negotiating for all the right things. We couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out and we feel like you were a large part of making this transaction a success. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again in the future. ". - Karen & Glenn

"Nicole is an exceptional real estate professional dedicated to helping her clients by simplifying the process of buying real estate. She made the entire process of buying real estate less stressful for me. Her marketing and negotiating skills are exceptional and she has been a great help with renting out the place as well. She is great at what she does. Above all, she is a great person and I am thankful I met her. I can't recommend her enough. ". - Deep Chopra

"We have been looking for a home for a while and, when we finally found one, Nicole happened to be in the right place at the right time. Nicole has been amazing throughout the entire process of buying a home. She is very knowledgeable about the properties, locations, escrow process to closing and provides a great service with a smile. She obviously knows what she is talking about and is very knowledgeable about the markets, the economic climate, and how to navigate the real estate market. She would respond immediately to all of our questions no matter how insignificant or complicated the questions. She always provided us with thorough, detailed answers that helped to guide us through the entire house buying process. During the negotiating process things got a little dicey for a while, but again she went out of her way to make us understand the situation and helped work through this phase too. We highly respect Nicole and have no reservations about her services. We have to say that she is by far one the best agents we have come across. We hope to work with her again and will pass her name around to everyone we know...:) ". - Devshi & Ashmita Pindoria

"They say that real estate agents have gone the way of other service professionals due to the internet. While you might not need a travel agent to book your airline tickets, when buying a home you NEED an advocate on your side. The problem with the internet is that there is so much information, as well as those who SAY they will help you out. In the process of looking at various properties, we found that many of the agents listed online never returned our calls, or they forwarded our request to someone else. It seemed like the faces next to the listings were formalities rather than people who wanted to help in the process. Then we found Nicole... While I don't believe we were looking in an area where Nicole usually operates, she was more than gracious in taking time to forward our goal of buying a home. She was responsive, helpful, and gave great insight. I have also never met anyone who is as cheerful under ANY circumstance. She's not just a nice person, but also a talented individual. She explained each step of the purchasing process and advocated for us just as a real estate agent is supposed to do. She was there from the first phone call to even personally dropping off the keys. The icing on the cake was the house-warming gift she left with us on that special day. I only wish that I had someone like Nicole in other areas of my life where I need excellent customer service. She understands what that term means and embodies it in everything she does. ". - Teresa

"Nicole is fantastic to work with. She is always there to answer any questions we have, and she is always quick to get back to us. What's surprising is how she manages to gather such a wealth of information in the short time it takes her to return a phone call or reply to an email. She is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, and above all pleasant to deal with. I will not hesitate to recommend Nicole to any of my friends that are looking to find a home in the Bay area. ". - Mikael Kyrklund

"Nicole is an outstanding real estate professional who guided me through the complex process of selling my home. She was always available to answer any of my questions or concerns and held numerous open houses. Because I was not local she spent a lot of time helping with permits, materials, staging and contractors to insure a smooth sale. Nicole went above and beyond to help with the sale from the beginning to the end. I would definitely recommend her to anyone buying, selling or renting a home. ". - Julie Ikerd

"Nicole helped us find a house and then, when we relocated, found us a renter. When we were looking for our house, she stood out from all the other Realtors: she showed us a huge number of properties, displayed incredible patience - nothing was ever too much trouble. Same when we were looking for a renter: she helped us with staging the house, putting in hours of work, giving advice and running to stores to find pieces to raise the value of our rental. I would not hesitate for one second to recommend Nicole to anybody looking to buy, sell or rent. ". - Andrew & Isabelle Gilbertson

"When my son and I decided to purchase a condo together we looked no further for an agent than Nicole. She had been the Realtor who had found a home for my daughter and son-in-law a few years ago. She helped them every step of the way with the confusion of short sales, foreclosures, etc. in today's market. I knew she would do no less for us, in fact, I felt as though she was there to hold our hands in every step of the process. I would highly recommend her to anyone contemplating either buying or selling property. You can't go wrong with her on your side! ". - Cynthia Lash

nicole burton

Welcome to Marinviews.com

Imagine life in one of the many pleasant communities of Marin County... Located conveniently near San Francisco, this gateway to California’s famous “Wine Country” offers you the great views, open spaces, and casual lifestyle you have always deserved to enjoy.

With her extensive experience in Marin County real estate, Nicole Burton will guide you through any transaction in an honest, service-oriented and professional manner that will leave you thankful you chose her as your real estate negotiator.

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